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Kristoffer Dahl Møberg
Marie Freia Wunderlich
Mirza Ramic
Michal Hron
Ozan Ünalan
Piet van de Mosselaar

2019.02.12 | People

Six new PhD students enrolled at the department

Kristoffer Dahl Møberg, Marie Freia Wunderlich, Mirza Ramic, Michal Hron, Ozan Ünalan and Piet van de Mosselaar are now PhD students at MGMT

Jonna Pedersen and Annette Hein Bengtson
Birte Asmuß 
Kathrine Stampe Vinther

2019.01.11 | Awards

MGMT awards 2019

This year's MGMT awards go to Birte Asmuß, Kathrine Stampe Vinther, Annette Hein Bengtson and Jonna Pedersen

Henrike Konzag

2019.01.10 | People

New assistant professor at the OSA section

Henrike Konzag - now assistant professor at the Department of Management


Wed 06 Nov
12:00-13:00 | Room 2628-M303, Department of Management, Aarhus BSS, Aarhus University
Seminar on diversity in the workplace by Nina Smith
Women’s bumpy road to the board of directors
Tue 26 Nov
14:00-15:00 | Room 2628-M211, Department of Management, Aarhus BSS, Aarhus University
ICOA/OSA seminar by Jose Pablo Arrieta
Multiple Agents with Diverse Preferences: On Learning and Voting
Fri 06 Dec
13:00-14:00 | Room 2627-H210, Department of Management, Aarhus BSS, Aarhus University
Seminar on diversity in the workplace by Thomas Buser
Gender, competitiveness and career choices

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News from AARHUS BSS

Photo: Colourbox

2019.09.09 | Aarhus BSS

SDDs with more value

In the autumn, all employees and managers will meet for staff development dialogues (SDD) at AU. The SDD is yo

BTECH in Herning now offers its own PhD programme. Photo: AU Foto,

2019.09.03 | Aarhus BSS

BTECH gets its own PhD programme

The Department of Business Development and Technology in Herning now has its own PhD degree programme. Thus th

Campus 2.0 gathers Aarhus BSS' activities in Aarhus across Nørrebrogade. Photo: AU Foto

2019.09.03 | Aarhus BSS

Status on Campus 2.0

Aarhus BSS has now completed the status report that lists the needs and wishes of the school in the future Uni

Events at AARHUS BSS

Thu 24 Oct
19:30-22:30 | The lunchroom at
Coffee, cake and football from the good old days with Sepp Piontek
The Staff Association invites you an evening dedicated to football. Get ready for a trip down memory lane with the all-time greatest national Danish coach, a football quiz and a very special football cake.
Fri 15 Nov
20:15-23:30 | Atlas: Vester Allé 15, 8000 Aarhus
Concert with Jon Spencer and the Hitmakers - warm-up Powersolo
Psychedelic rock, punk blues, garage rock... Jon Spencer can do it all. Now he is coming to Aarhus, and you have the chance to experience him live together with the Staff Association. Warm up act: PowerSolo.
Sat 07 Dec
14:00-17:00 | S building, Fuglesangs Allé
Christmas Tree Party 2019
The Staff Association's annual Christmas Tree party for ALL employees at Aarhus BSS and their families on 7 December 2019 from 14.00 - 17.00.

Announcements from AU

20/09 - 2019 |

Meeting between university senior management teams to define European alliance

The University of Belgrade has joined AU’s alliance of European...

17/09 - 2019 |

What’s happening in the new University City

The work on AU’s physical development is progressing according to plan. The...

17/09 - 2019 |

Aarhus University is 91 years old

Today, Aarhus University is celebrating its 91st anniversary with visits from...

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