Below, you will find relevant practical information concerning your offboarding:

What you need to do before leaving Denmark - Aarhus University

Please remember to hand in the following equipment:

Computer, credit card, mobile phone, access card, key, telephone, iPad, and other IT items. You will be contacted by a department secretary.

If you have a TDC employee broadband, please fill in a form via:

Please also be aware of data offboarding:

Data offboarding at the end of the employment
In connection with the end of your employment at Aarhus BSS, Aarhus University, it is important to consider and decide what is going to happen with research data in any research projects for which you are responsible yourself or in which you participate.

>> Click to see instructions.

We encourage you to contact Pernille Kallehave to set up a meeting regarding data offboarding.

Please also see: Data offboarding for researchers | Aarhus BSS – Staff Portal (

If in doubt concerning your holiday, please contact your absence administrator:

  • TBA (if your first name begins with A-K)
  • Lisbeth Widahl (if your first name begins with L-Å).

Holiday (

If you decide to resign before the end of your employment, please send a resignation email to your Head of Section cc Doris Andersen. Doris will inform the Head of Department and HR.

Read more about resignation at AU: Resignation (