Catering - internal meetings

Rules regarding catering for internal meetings, seminars and other section-related events

Section meetings
As a rule, AU facilities must be used for meetings. However, under special circumstances, section meetings at other locations are allowed. A special circumstance for choosing to host a section meeting outside AU could be a visit to a company or an organization with similar areas of interest as the section. Expenses for section meetings must always be approved according to AU’s rules.  

If the section finds it necessary to host other seminars or meetings outside AU’s premises, each request will be subject to evaluation and approval. As is the case with events at AU, events outside AU must also be approved according to AU’s rules.  

Catering for internal meetings must follow AU’s rules. If – in exceptional cases – catering for an internal meeting is approved, it should be kept at a roll, sandwich or cake level.  

Research groups are not allowed to order catering for internal meetings or events. Nor can expenses for meetings outside AU premises be approved for research groups.  

Seminars with presentations on campus
As a rule, each section is allowed to host one seminar with sandwich-level catering each month, inviting either the entire section or the entire department.