Guests and guest offices

If a VIP (= the host) wants to invite a guest (including AUFF guests) for a visit to the department, the visit must be approved by the VIP’s Head of Section.

The host contacts Lone Malmros who will set up the guest in the system and will provide him/her with a keycard and a key.

The Head of Section may choose to place the guest within the section in the office of a colleague away on leave or on a stay abroad etc.

An alternative option would be to place the guest in one of the department’s guest offices:

  • 2628 (M), 436: 3 guest desks – ITIM guests only
  • 2628 (M), 437: 3 guest desks – OSA guests only
  • 2628 (M), 438: 3 guest desks – MAR guests only

Guest desks are booked through the Outlook calendar. Please contact the secretary to your Head of Section for bookings.

The Head of Sections decide among themselves how to manage the guest desks.