If a VIP (= the host) wants to invite a guest (including AUFF guests) for a visit to the department, the visit must be approved by the VIP’s Head of Section.

Practical issues

The role of the host
The host is responsible for writing the invitation letter (see link below), keeping in touch with the guest about his/her arrival at the department (where and when does the guest arrive, who receives the guest, etc.) and to help the guest to be settled. During the visit, the host is also responsible for ensuring that the guest benefits from the stay here and to help with any signature/completion of the guest's forms, etc. from their home institute.
See more at: Need help as a researcher host? - Aarhus University (

Keys and registration
The host contacts Kristine Lysgaard  who will set up the guest in the system and will provide him/her with a keycard and a key.

Office space
The Head of Section may choose to place the guest within the section in the office of a colleague away on leave or on a stay abroad etc.

An alternative option would be to place the guest in one of the department’s guest offices:

  • 2628 (M), 437: 3 guest desks – ODA guests only
  • 2628 (M), 438: 3 guest desks – SIM guests only

Guest desks are booked through the Outlook calendar. Please contact the secretary to your Head of Section for bookings.

The Head of Sections decide among themselves how to manage the guest desks.

GDPR issues

Depending on the purpose of the visit, a guest researcher and the host must be aware of issues regarding handling and processing of personal data (GDPR etc.)

If the guest researcher comes to MGMT with the purpose of working on a research project that involves processing of data, containing personal data, which is collected at the guest’s home university, the home university is data controller for the data and the guest and host does not share the data, then this does not involve GDPR issues for MGMT.

If the guest researcher wishes to share research data containing personal data, with a MGMT researcher, a collaboration agreement should be made between MGMT, Aarhus University and the guest researchers home university. In such cases, it is important the MGMT researcher makes sure that the guest researcher’s home university has a legal basis for sharing the personal data.

If a MGMT researcher wishes to collaborate with the guest researcher in a research project that involves processing of data, containing personal data, collected by MGMT with Aarhus University as data controller, then the parties may enter into a research collaboration agreement and an agreement about the data sharing or possible a joint data controllership. The specific agreements are determined based on an individual evaluation.