Registration of research

New research must be registered in the system PURE. In PURE you can also register your research activities as well as update your personal webpage.

All publications and activities for the present year must be registered in PURE by February 1.

This is crucial because the allocation of the annual funding to AU is based upon your registrations.

Procedure regarding Open Access
You must ensure that all scientific articles, including conference articles in proceedings with an issn, are publicly available in PURE. 

Make sure to:

1. Keep your post–print from the publication process​

2. Learn and pay attention to your OA rights when publishing (i.e. keep and read contracts) 

3. Upload a post-print version/DOI of your article to PURE 

Read more about the submission process in PURE here:

Other activities 
You can register other activities and projects and  create your own CV in PURE. Please remember to use the CV generator, as a CV tab appears on your PURE profile.​

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