External funding

Current calls

This is an indicative overview only – errors and omissions excepted. Please check the website of the funder for latest information. 

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Societal Challenges 



Strategic research 

Deadlines in 2021 and 2022. Final calls not open yet 

Please ask at Research Support Office or search in  

Grant for preparing EU applications 


2021-deadlines tba 





Sapere Aude DFF-Starting Grant 

Max 4,3 mil ex overhead. 

Max PhD age 8 years (possibility for deduction) 


24 March 2021 

Research stay abroad 

Min. 3 months 


26 March 2021 

Exploratory workshops 

31 March 2021  

Grand Solutions 


8 April 2020 

Consolidator Grant 

PhD age 7-12 years (possibility for deduction)  

20 April 2021 

Private sector 

27 April 2021 

PhD and postdoc 

Theme: COVID and inequality  

30 April 2021 


For exploratory networking > future cooperation with selected countries 

May 2021 (expected) 

(collaboration btw HERA and NORFACE) 

Collaborative projects within SSH 

Min 4 PIs from 4 countries 

1.5 mil € per project  

Phase 1  

7 May 2021 

Centers of Excellence 


Phase 1 

1 June 2021 

Thematic calls 

3 June 2021  

Inge Lehmann programme 

Focus on talent and gender balance in Danish research 

June 2021 

Call and date tba 

Advanced Grant 


PhD age 12 > 

 31 August 2021 




1 September 2021 

New 2022-strategy tba 

Individual Fellowships 

Mobility and career enhancement 

Postdoc level 

15 September 2021 

Research Project 1 


Max 2 mil ex overhead 


Ultimo September/primo October 2021 


Research Project 2 

Max 4,3 mil ex overhead 


Ultimo September/primo October 2021 


Research stay abroad 


Min 3 months 


Ultimo September/primo October 2021 


Various instruments 


Postdoc, conferences etc 

1 October 2021 

Research infrastructure 


Including research stays 

1 October 2020 

Young Researcher Fellowships 


Max tenured position 2 years. 

Max 4,5 mil. No buyout for PI 

1 October 2021 

Monograph Fellowships (expected) 

One-year fellowship for producing monograph 


1 October 2021 

European Research and Innovation Networks 


29 October 2021 

Doctoral networks 

PhD training networks 

16 November 2021  


Synergy Grant 


2-4 PIs 

November 2021 






Other calls 




AUFF – Aarhus University Research Foundation 



See website: http://auff.au.dk/en/ 

AIAS Fellowships 



See website: 

Assistance with external funding at Research Support Office: 

  • Funding strategies for researchers, groups, departments 

  • Development of funding for research ideas 

  • Assistance with project description, formalities, budget, tips and tricks 

Please contact the Arts-BSS-team for further information: www.au.dk/fse