Reception desk


The joint reception desk and lounge area of MGMT and ECON is found in building 2620/A very close to the main entrance of campus Fuglesangs Allé.

Guests can announce their arrival at the front desk and next to the desk is a lounge area with a coffee machine where guests are welcome to wait. Please feel free to use the lounge area, coffee machine etc.

If you have an event, a seminar or a meeting with guests attending from outside the departments, please inform the front desk about this so that they may guide the guests to the relevant room.

The front desk also has an email address which is found in the Outlook address book: Reception, FSA:

If you wish to call the front desk directly, please use the following numbers:

  • Charlotte
    871 65214
    Mobile: 9352 1936
  • Jane
    9352 1936     
    Mobile: 9351 5055     

Opening hours
Monday-Thursday 9:00-15:00
Friday 9:00-14:00