Secure email

MGMT directions for the use of secure email

In order to comply with the GDPR regulation, all emails containing personal information and documents which have only been pseudonymised (e.g. examination papers) must be sent/received via secure email from now on. (More information on setting up and using secure email below.) 

Communication between internal and external examiners
All communication between employees at the Department of Management and external examiners must be done via secure email in Outlook. 

Communication with students
Always use the students’ AU email, when communicating with students. This is a secure email address.

The updated version of Outlook allows Aarhus University employees to send secure emails to companies and private persons from their personal Outlook, even if the receiver does not have a secure email, e.g., and the likes. 

Guidelines to setting up secure email
Aarhus BSS IT support can help you set up the secure email plug-in: 

On this page, you will find guidelines for how to send secure emails: