Office supplies and technical equipment

Office supplies can be found in the printing rooms as well as in 2628-212D (M building).

Printing rooms

  • 2628 (M) 3rd floor: M216, M212D and H309
  • 2628 (M) 4th floor: M423A, M435A and M439A (also called M319A)
  • 2628 (M) 5th floor: M430
  • 2623 (D) 1st floor: 101
  • 2627 (H) 1st floor: Outside 127
  • 2627 (H) 1st floor: Outside 111
  • 2627 (H) 2nd floor: 201A
  • 2610 (S) 3rd floor: 325
  • 2610 (S) 4th floor: 435

Office supplies
Please contact Mette F.F. Jensen,, room 2623-204 (D building). 

Technical equipment 
MGMT has various technical equipment (pointers, voice recorders, camera etc.) which can be borrowed.
Please contact Dorthe Lehmann, room 2610-438 (S building).

Further office machinery
A laminating machine is located in the printing room of M439A (M319A) and in Vibeke Vrang's office (S317).

A paper shredder taking as much as 300 sheets at a time is also available in the above printing room.