Workzone at the Department of Management

Workzone is the case and document management system at AU. Its purpose is to support knowledge sharing across the organisation and ensure compliance with the university’s document management obligations. All employees are responsible for ensuring that these obligations are met.


What do I need to file?

It is recommended that you create a case and begin filing in the initial phase of a task or a project

You only need to file emails/documents in relation to contractual and administrative aspects of a task or research project.

Data gathered during the actual research process is not to be filed in Workzone.

How do I file?

At the department, we can help you create a case. To ensure that we have all the necessary information from the start, please fill out this form.

We will send you a link to the case once it has been created.

What are my responsibilities?

When a member of administrative staff has helped you create a case, you are responsible for ensuring that all relevant documents and correspondence are filed in Workzone. This could be emails, documents and subsequent notes from conversations or other correspondence (if any) in relation to the case in question. It is possible to file directly from your mailbox.

How do I close a case?

When a case is completed, you are responsible for asking the administrative staff to close it.

How can I get help and support?

If you have questions in relation to filing, please contact 


Log in to Workzone


At the AU website on Workzone, you will find guides for the different features in Workzone.

Selecting a case group

Here you can find a list of the most common types of cases at the department as well as suggestions for selecting a case group:

New users

All MGMT employees have access to Workzone, but if you are not able to log in, please contact 

Help and support

If you have questions in relation to filing, please contact 


Write to if you have questions regarding Workzone.