Proofreading and translation

Internal proofreaders

 A number of secretaries at MGMT offer proofreading and translation of texts:

  • Ioana Postelnicu
  • Joan Hørdum Jepsen
  • Kristine Lysgaard
  • Merete Elmann
  • Tabita Schmidt
  • Vibeke Vrang

If you require proofreading or translation services, you should always book time with a secretary at the earliest time possible, preferably as soon as you know about the assignment. If it is not possible for the secretaries to help you, you can use an external proofreader/translator (see below menu).


External translators - requires application & approval

Applications for external proofreading/translation must be sent to prior to ordering. Please use the application form which you can find here: MGMT expense form.

You must use this supplier when using external translators - i.e. when a translation task cannot be handled locally or by Aarhus BSS Communication.   

The supplier has many years of experience within the field of translation.  

External supplier at Aarhus BSS 

Global Denmark
Simon Palmer
Tel.: 33862930 

Link to more information about this agreement at Translation work at AU 
(See "Information about the agreement")

How to place an order

  • The desired deadline (please try to be more specific than ‘as soon as possible’)
  • The scope of the work (when pre-ordering large tasks involving several files, please attach a list of the files and the dates by which they will be ready for translation)
  • Any special issues regarding the target group or the communicative situation
  • The contact information for the person who will handle questions from the translator
  • The file format: Word, PDF, other? 

Want to find out more?
If you have any questions regarding the above, you are welcome to contact: 

Language consultant/Aarhus BSS Communication
Ida Marie W. Vilbæk
Tel.: 87153507

Translation of official documents

An agreement has been made between AU and Amesto Translations to provide students and staff with certified translations of official documents. This may be relevant to staff and students in relation to research stays abroad – and to foreign students and staff during their stay in Denmark. 

A  ’one-stop-shop’ solution has been agreed upon and according to this Amesto will handle the entire process (translation, certification, legalisation and apostille endorsement). 

Please note that this service is not free, but Amesto offers special low prices to staff and students.  

See more info at this link: 

Proofreading of PhD dissertations

As of 1 May 2021, MGMT PhD students can ask Laura Patterson for help with proofreading of the 'wrappings' of their dissertation, i.e. the introductory and/or the concluding section of the dissertation. Laura Patterson is a native speaker of English and an experienced proofreader.

Who: Laura Patterson:


1. Contact Laura Patterson to 

a. find out if she can take on the job
b. get an estimated price – do not enter into an agreement until you have a signed expense form 

2. Applications for external proofreading/translation must be sent to for approval  prior to ordering. Please use the application form which you can find here

3. Once you have the signed expense form, you can confirm the agreement with Laura Patterson. 

The costs for this proofreading is on the department – not the individual PhD budgets.