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Tram Pham

2021.04.14 | People

New PhD student enrolled at the department

Tram Pham is PhD student at MGMT from April 2021

Violeta Stancu

2021.04.14 | People

New senior researcher at MGMT

Violeta Stancu has been appointed senior researcher from March 2021

2021.04.13 | Aarhus BSS

Phishing emails in cirkulation: Do not open attached file

Phishing emails are currently in circulation and the sender pretends to be Aarhus University. The email is primarily sent to people outside AU and the purpose is to entice the recipient into opening an attached file that may infect the recipient’s computer with a virus. If you are contacted by partners or others who have received the email, please…


Fri 16 Apr
13:00-14:00 | Zoom
AROS Seminar: The Open Innovation in Science Research Field: A Collaborative Conceptualization Approach
By Carsten Bergenholtz
Fri 16 Apr
13:00-16:00 | via Teams
PhD defence: Frederik Schrøder Jeppesen
Strategizing for Digital Transformation
Fri 23 Apr
13:00-14:00 | Zoom
AROS Seminar: Preregistering Qualitative Research
By Tamarinde Haven (Charité Berlin)
Fri 07 May
13:00-14:00 | Zoom
AROS Seminar: Data Storytelling: How to create better visualizations with examples in R and Python
By Kenneth Enevoldsen (Aarhus University)
Tue 11 May
14:00-17:00 | via Teams
PhD defence: Pedro Vieira Mesquita
New Perspectives on Collaboration in R&D Activities

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News from AARHUS BSS

Logo: Savhannah Schulz

2021.04.13 | Aarhus BSS

New interdisciplinary seminar on open science

A new series of seminars will place open science on the agenda for all interested researchers at Aarhus BSS. T

2021.03.09 | Aarhus BSS

Strengthen your entrepreneurship and discover new opportunities

The Kitchen’s spring programme 2021 contains a variety of entrepreneurial workshops that employees at Aarhus U

Political scientist Francis Fukuyama, Microsoft CEO Marianne Dahl, former Danish minister Tommy Ahlers and award-winning journalist Anne Applebaum.

2021.03.04 | Aarhus BSS

MatchPoints: A broad range of voices to debate digitalisation and democracy

MatchPoints 2021 will offer a multifaceted debate on digitalisation and democracy. A number of researchers fro

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Announcements from AU

12/04 - 2021 |

The University City: How the new site for Aarhus BSS is to be developed

Flexible teaching and study environments, good use of space, architectural...

12/04 - 2021 |

PHISHING EMAILS IN CIRCULATION: Do not open attached file

Phishing emails are currently in circulation and the sender pretends to be...

29/03 - 2021 |

Internally appointed AIAS fellows to support internationalisation

Every year, the Aarhus Institute of Advances Studies (AIAS) receives fellows...