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Kathrine Stampe
Susan Hilbolling
Arthur Hjorth
Sarah Bruhs
Martin Jørgensen

2021.05.19 | People

Newly appointed assistant professors at Department of Management

We are very happy to announce that Kathrine Stampe, Susan Hilbolling, Arthur Hjorth, Sarah Bruhs and Martin Jørgensen have been appointed assistant professors at MGMT

2021.05.04 | Education news

Workshops on online exams open for registration

The exam period is approaching, and most exams will take place online. If you need help on how to hold the best online exams, you can now sign up for faculty-specific workshops at the Centre for Educational Development (CED). Here you can also get personal advice and guidance.

2021.04.28 | Meddelelser

Before you get a self-test at AU, you need to download the Kviktest app

From now on, you will need to use the Kviktest app in connection with supervised self-testing at AU.


Wed 16 Jun
13:00-16:00 | Teams
PhD defence: Anne Skipper Bach
Professionals constructing managerial identities and managers’ recruitment in the public sector
Fri 18 Jun
13:00-14:00 | Zoom
AROS Seminar: Open and Transparent Research in the COVID-19 Pandemic and Beyond
By Rima-Maria Rahal (Max Planck Institute for Research on Collective Goods)
Mon 21 Jun
13:00-14:00 | Teams
3rd year PhD presentation - Marta Jackowska
Embracing the complexity of team processes in participative organizations
Wed 23 Jun
14:30-16:00 | 2628-303, Aarhus BSS, Aarhus University
3rd year PhD presentation - Tija Rageliene
Peers’, siblings’ and social media influence on children’s healthy eating behaviour
Thu 24 Jun
09:00-10:30 | Teams
3rd year PhD presentation - Andreia Ferreira de Moura
Transitioning to parenthood: Factors influencing new parents’ healthy eating behaviours and strategies for change

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What is the by-product of an interdisciplinary research community?

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