Brightspace is our Learning Management System (LMS), i.e. a system for online course management and e-learning. 

CWT portal

Book travels online at the CarlsonWagonlitTravel Portal. In addition you can check in, see your itinerary and a range of relevant information about travels. 


Excelsior is our system for registration of teaching activities.

PhD planner

The system is used by PhD supervisors for approval of PhD plans and semi-annual evaluations etc.


PURE is an IT system for collecting,maintaining and presenting data. PURE is short for PUblications and REsearch platform.

Using PURE, employees at Aarhus University can keep their personal staff website updated with CV, publications, work and research areas etc.

Go to PURE:


RejsUd is the university's travel and expense settlement system.

Read more about RejsUd at


WISEflow is a digital exam platform which handles written exams.

Ouriginal (formerly Urkund)

Ouriginal (formerly Urkund) is a system for automatic plagiarism detection in written assignments.

WAYF login

Aarhus University uses the so-called WAYF login (short for Where Are You From). The WAYF login can be used for multiple AU systems. Get your login at


Check your mail from home using webmail.

Here you will find information about webmail