We have 11 defibrillators at Fuglesangs Allé - both inside and outside the buildings.

They can be found here:

  • Building 2620-A – At the main entrance (outside)
  • Building 2620-A – The entrance hall
  • Building 2621-B – On the way down to Klubben
  • Building 2635 I – The entrance hall
  • Building 2632-L – The entrance hall
  • Building 2628-M – The entrance hall
  • Building 2640-R – On the wall next to the driveway leading to the car park (outside)
  • Building 2640-R – The hallway between 2640 and 2641 (to be moved to main entrance)
  • Building 2610-S – By the ramp to the basement parking (outside)
  • Building 2610-S – Upper multi hall by the inner walkway to M
  • Building 2636-U – At the entrance (outside)

See map

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