Student workers and trainees

Trainees – and employees in wage subsidy jobs
If you want to employ a trainee or a person in a wage subsidy job for a short period of time, please contact Jeanette Guldborg Pedersen, Tel 871 52456, at the HR department for conditions, contract, etc.

You are responsible for keeping the trainee busy and for finding him/her a work station. The work station can either be in your own office or in the office of a person from your group. The trainee must work on his/her own computer but can be hooked up to department printers. Please keep Jonna Pedersen posted under all circumstances.

Student workers
At the department we have student assistants who help with PURE etc. If you have funding in your budget you are always welcome to contact them and ask if they have time to help you with transcriptions or other tasks.

Before hiring a student worker you must make sure there is sufficient funding for the employment from a project or from the Department (remember to obtain the approval from the head of section first in the latter case) - and that there is actually enough work. Please send an expense form which details the funding to Jonna Pedersen. A work contract for a student worker is for either up to maximum 8 hours per week on average or up to maximum 15 hours per week on average, so these are the hours to match, if you consider hiring a student worker. The student worker must be able to document that he/she is studying - and send this information to HR.

Student workers must fill in a time sheet every month and send it to Jonna Pedersen. You can find the updated time sheet here:

The hourly pay of a student worker is approx. DKK 155,00 (including holiday pay and pension).

Student workers do not have a work station of their own at Fuglesangs Allé, but usually work from home on their own laptops. If needed, they can be hooked up to wireless network and printers.