Staff Development Dialogue (SDD) (MUS in Danish)

Once a year all employees are invited for a staff development dialogue (SDD) with their head of section or head of secretariat. The meeting takes place in the autumn.

In principle, all academic staff have talks with their head of section, and all administrative staff have talks with the head of secretariat.

The meetings will be set up in Outlook as well as in mitHR.

The purpose of the SDD is to reconcile mutual expectations and to ensure clarity in relation to objectives, tasks, well-being, cooperation and professional and personal development.

After the SDD, the employee is responsible for filling in an agreement form via mitHR and send it to the manager for approval. Only the employee and his or her manager have access to the information in mitHR.

Senior talks
Please note that in connection with the staff development dialogue, senior staff (aged 55+) must be offered a discussion of their job situation. The senior talks must focus on retention and on the employee’s wishes and expectations for his or her working life in both the short and the long term.

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