The postal address for the department at Fuglesangs Allé is:

Fuglesangs Allé 4, 8210 Aarhus V

Mail room
The mail room is located in room 2628-M216.

The pigeonholes have been replaced by hanging file folders for journals, letters and other smaller items. Please check the one marked with your name. Larger parcels etc. are placed on the shelves. 

Outgoing mail
Outgoing mail is picked up from our mail room Monday-Thursday at 15:00, Friday at 14:00.

Incoming mail
Incoming mail is picked up from the Internal Mail Service at Trøjborgvej early in the morning and delivered to the recipients before noon. Parcels which are delivered directly at FSA by parcel servide providers are usually delivered to the recipients at FSA on the same day. 

>> Link to Guidelines when sending mail