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Christian Truelsen Elbæk
Raian Razal
Saeedeh Shafiee Kristensen
Sahar Sattari
Sebastian Florander Smidt
Shahab Kazemi

2020.02.03 | People

Six new PhD students enrolled at the department

Christian Truelsen Elbæk, Raian Razal, Saeedeh Shafiee Kristensen, Sahar Sattari, Sebastian Florander Smidt and Shahab Kazemi are now PhD students at MGMT

Charlotte Rosholm
Annamaria Kubovcikova
Sebastian Gram Nguyen Rasmussen

2020.01.20 | Awards

MGMT awards 2020

This year's MGMT awards go to Charlotte Rosholm, Annamaria Kubovcikova and Sebastian Gram Nguyen Rasmussen

2019.12.20 | Awards

This year’s award recipients at Aarhus BSS

During December, four employees have received an award for their efforts at the school for the past year. Margit Malmmose from MGMT is the lecturer of the year at Aarhus BSS.


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News from AARHUS BSS

On 2 June, Aarhus BSS will welcome back its employees after more than two months. Photo: AU Foto.

2020.05.27 | News from management

Towards a reopening

On Tuesday 2 June, Aarhus BSS’ buildings are ready to welcome back employees after more than two months. The a

Niels Haldrup in his office at home. Photo: Private

2020.05.26 | News from management

Managing at a distance

The coronavirus crisis and the physical lockdown had a huge impact on the everyday life of employees and manag

In the first webinar, Professor Lotte Bøgh Andersen talked about employee motivation.

2020.05.25 | Aarhus BSS

From conference to webinar

How can you communicate your research and be in dialogue with the outside world, when the coronavirus crisis h

Events at AARHUS BSS

Thu 20 Aug
17:00-23:00 | Mindeparken, Aarhus
CANCELLED: 2020 DHL Relay Race
This year's DHL Relay Race has been cancelled due to the coronavirus.

Announcements from AU

2/06 - 2020 |

Participate in Teams meetings from meeting rooms at AU

From Wednesday 3 June, it will be possible to participate in Teams meetings from...

29/05 - 2020 |

Now you can also use Zoom for internal and external meetings

An assessment of Zoom's security and capacity shows that the platform can be...

29/05 - 2020 |

Protect each other when you return to campus

It’s wonderful that Aarhus University can open its doors to many employees...