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PhD Student Martin Wurzer

2018.08.27 | People

Twelve new PhD students enrolled at the department

Pernille Videbæk, Louise Randers, Ditte Mogensen, Rhoopali Bhatnagar, Tija Rageliene, Andreia de Moura, Martin Wurzer, Anne-Christina Rosfeldt Lorentzen, Simon Karg, Marta Jackowska, Demitrios Batolas and Jakob Liboriussen are now PhD students at MGMT

2018.08.16 | Events

EUPRERA 2018 – a conference about “BIG IDEAS”

The 20th annual congress of the European Public Relations Education and Research Association will take place at Aarhus BSS, Aarhus University 27-29 September. It is organised by the Department of Management.

Head of Department Jacob Kjær Eskildsen. Photo: AU Foto.

2018.07.09 | News from the management

Jacob Kjær Eskildsen is ready for another three years as head of department

Professor Jacob Kjær Eskildsen stays on as head of the Department of Management

News from AARHUS BSS

Photo: AU Foto

2018.11.30 | Aarhus BSS

An AU Advent Calender for staff members

Each day, you get the chance to answer a question about the year gone by at Aarhus BSS.

2018.11.28 | Aarhus BSS

Remember to register your publications in Pure

2018 is coming to an end, and this means that you need to be aware of deadlines and practical information in c

Photo: AU Foto

2018.11.12 | Aarhus BSS

The BAMMC and MACC programmes to be discontinued

Aarhus University has just been informed by the Ministry of Higher Education and Science that the BAMCC and MA

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Announcements from AU

7/12 - 2018 |

Satisfaction survey concerning IT support at AU

Currently, Rambøll Management Consulting is carrying out a satisfaction survey on behalf of AU IT, because AU IT wants to know more about the level of satisfaction among students and staff with the IT support at AU. This is a sample survey and the people who have been randomly chosen to complete the survey have received an email about the survey from ”Rambøll Management Consulting and Aarhus University”. The email contains a link to the satisfaction survey. The deadline for completing...

30/11 - 2018 |

The AU employee advent calendar quiz starts on Monday 3 December

Have you been keeping up with AU news over the last year? Then you should participate in AU’s advent calendar quiz for employees every weekday from the 3 to 21 December (weeks 49,50 and 51). A new question about the ‘AU year in review’ will be published every day.

30/11 - 2018 |

Smarter recruitment of employees at Aarhus University

"We’re going to start using our new e-recruitment system at the beginning of December, and I’m looking forward to it. The new system will simplify the work processes involved in recruiting new employees at AU. And the journey towards the new system has been exciting, challenging and instructive, so I’ll be focusing on it in this month’s blog post," Arnold Boon writes.

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