Eight research projects granted MGMT Accelerator seed funding

The grantees will use the seed funding to prepare external research funding applications above 1 million DKK

2017.11.14 | Merete Elmann

In order to strengthen the fundraising process at the department, the management team has launched the MGMT Research Accelerator Programme. The aim of the programme is to provide initial seed funding of up to 50,000 DKK to support the preparation of external research funding applications above 1 million DKK.

The November Accelerator grantees:

  • Ann-Kristina Løkke Møller, Associate Professor (OSA)
    Presenteeism and absenteeism among daycare workers – exploring regional differences
  • Helle Kryger Aggerholm, Sophie Esmann, Associate Professors (CORPCOM)
    The Sustainable Work life
  • Iris Rittenhofer, Associate Professor (CORPCOM)
    Advancing the understanding of social media conduct
  • Jessica Aschemann-Witzel, Associate Professor (MAR), Franziska Guenzel-Jensen, Associate Professor (INEIS)
    Phase-in green: Expanding plant-based diets and promoting food innovations to fill the meat gap
  • Marco Hubert, Alice Grønhøj, Associate Professors (MAR)
    The impact of (mobile) internet use on adolescents´ food consumption behaviour
  • Jacob Lund Orquin, Associate Professor (MAR)
    Decoding Consumer Intentions from Gaze Data 
  • Sune Dueholm Müller, Associate Professor (INEIS)
    Digital Innovation of Healthcare through technology-enabled patient empowerment 
  • Margit Malmmose, Associate Professor (OSA)
    Hospital Cost Accounting governance implications

For more information
Michael S. Dahl, Head of External Funding, Deputy Head of Department msd@mgmt.au.dk
Pernille Kallehave, Consultant peka@mgmt.au.dk

Next call for Accelerator application April 2018 http://mgmt.staff.au.dk/research/external-funding/accellerator-programme/

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