Accellerator programme

2020 call

In order to strengthen the fundraising process at the Department, the management team hereby announces the next call of the MGMT Research Accelerator Programme. The aim of the programme is to provide initial seed funding up to 50,000 DKK to support the preparation of external research funding applications.

Quality research on path-breaking issues often requires external funding for e.g. data, hiring Post Docs and PhD-students. The funding landscape for accessing these external funds is getting increasingly competitive, where applications need to be well prepared and developed. The research idea might need maturing through initial analysis or pilot studies. The right partners may need to be identified and included in early project development. For large international applications being part of the right network might be absolutely crucial. All of these processes require early stage resources in order to be completed.

Who can apply?

You can apply, if you are an associate professor or professor at the Department of Management.[1]

How to apply

You fill in the attached application form describing:

  • Where are you planning to apply for a larger grant (minimum DKK 1 mill.)? Please note that you cannot use Accelerator funding to prepare for an application to AUFF calls like NOVA.
  • Why is the Accelerator funding important to increase your chances of getting this larger research grant (what are your challenges)?
  • How will the funding strengthen your application for external funding (plan and budget for the Accelerator funding)?

Download the application form

Evaluation criteria

The funding committee will prioritise to fund the projects, where they can see that the Accelerator funding will have the greatest impact in order to create strong research grant applications.

Project size

We expect to provide seed funding up to 50,000 DKK per project. The seed funding has to be spent within a year from acceptance. Unused funds will be returned to the program.

Expenses covered

You can cover almost any type of expenses relevant for developing the  research project application, excluding the salary of faculty members (no teaching buyout). In the budget form, please provide a preliminary budget justifying the expected expenses for preparing your grant application. All expenses have to be relevant for the project.

Application procedure

Deadline 16. March, at 12.00.

You can also apply outside these deadlines in case you need support in connection with new funding opportunities.

The funding committee (Lars Frederiksen (Chair), Klaus G. Grunert and Erik R. Larsen) and Pernille Kallehave will evaluate the applications and allocate funding. 


No later than one year after being given the seed funding, report back to Pernille Kallehave, whether and where you have (or are planning to) applied with your application and forward the application itself. Unused funds at the time of application submission will be redirected to the Department.


You cannot apply for funding for literature review or for a research assistant unless this person is already employed on a longterm contract.

This is not a source of regular research funding. Contact your section head, if you need internal founding for data etc. If you receive seed funding and you do not apply for external funding, you will not be able to apply for additional seed funding in the following two years. No funding will be given to application that are not using the application form.


[1] The management team does not require that assistant professors attract external funding to qualify for an associate professorship. We want PhD students and assistant professors to focus on their research and teaching activities, so they cannot apply for seed funding.