New PhD student at MGMT - Helene Gerber

Helene Gerber
Helene Gerber

Hi everyone,

My name is Helene, and I am a new PhD student at the Department for Management as of 1st of February 2024. I am so excited to be here and can't wait to meet you all!

I recently returned to Aarhus after a year in northern Norway, and it feels very good to be back. I did my MA at AU Arts in Cognitive Semiotics (which was, unfortunately, closed last summer). Before that, I did a PBA at VIA in Design and Business - Visual Fashion Communication and have worked some years as a freelancer doing visual communication and digital marketing for a range of different clients. Thus, I am closely affiliated with the creative industries and experienced in creating digital marketing and graphic design.

My research is focused on social media influencers and their work practices with a social cognitive focus. My goal with the PhD project is to investigate whether influencers are "better" at showing prosocial behaviour and thus, can easier resonate with their followers and are thereby able to succeed in their profession. Put shortly, a lot of research has been done on the marketing effects of influencer marketing as well as follower responses towards influencers, however, less attention has been paid to the influencer themselves and their professional competencies, including understanding why people in this industry are so good at making "online friends".

When I am not at work, I enjoy letting out my creative self through either knitting (too much), sewing, or cooking, as well as I read a lot of fantasy novels and cookbooks. My partner and I are also big travelers and love to go on small city trips or longer journeys in our self-build camper van or with our backpacks.

You can find me in 2622-213, I am always up for a chat about research, knitting, or whatever comes to mind.