If you handle personal data as part of your research, it is important that you comply with relevant legislation. Gain an overview of what you need to know about GDPR here

Here you can finde the most important links.

Step 1: Register your project in the AU record

If you need to process personal data in connection with a research project, it must be registered in AU’s internal record before you start.

Step 2: Make your risk assessment

A risk assessment is an objective assessment of the risks the planned processing of personal data may pose for the rights and freedoms of data subjects. 

You can find a tempate for the risk assessment here

Please, make the risk assessment when you start your project. TTO will ask for it, if you contact them for assistance. 

Save the risk assessment. It documents that you have done your very best to handle the personal data according to the rules.

Step 3: Storage of your data

Here you can find a list of systems on which you can save your anonymised or pseudonymised data

Please contact the IT department for advise on where to store data with personal data.