RapidAI seed fund: GPT-models in early-work research and teaching

Are you considering implementing GPT models in your research or classroom teaching? This is your opportunity to pilot test those exciting ideas!

RapidAI is a new Seed Fund at the Department of Management. Its purpose is to fast-track early pilot studies of the use of GPT-based LLMs in research or teaching by providing funding and mirror of OpenAIs API.

RapidAI will fund two different kinds of projects:

Early research/pilot projects:  
We are still in the early phase of understanding what GPT and other LLM-models can be used for in management research. This is also true for funding bodies. Consequently, it can be difficult to argue for large budgets for LLM-API-calls. RapidAI will fund early research projects with a clear 1. management-related research goal and 2. plan for using results from pilot projects to achieve more funding if the pilot shows promise.

Teaching projects:
RapidAI will also fund teaching purposes. Using GPT-models for teaching models can vary as much as our courses do, so we will not set up specific requirements here. However, we want to hear how using GPT models in your teaching can help students better understand GPT-models as a new technology, better train students for future employment, or better understanding the core disciplinary questions in your course.

How do I apply?
For research projects, please use this template: RapidAI seed fund research application
For teaching projects, please use this template: RapidAI seed fund teaching application

The RapidAI Seed Fund was made possible through a generous grant from IT-Vest.

Who is eligible
Faculty, postdocs and PhD students at the Department of Management.

How much money can I get?
We expect grants to be between DKK 2,000 and 10,000 per grant. We may make exceptions to this budgetary restraint.

When can I apply?
Anytime! We named the seed fund RapidAI for a reason. We will process the application within 3 weeks.

How does it work?
You will be given an API key to our server with your budgeted amount. This server mirrors OpenAIs API (https://platform.openai.com/docs/api-reference), but makes it possible for us to keep track of usage.

What can I not use RapidAI funding for?
We do not fund individual OpenAI accounts. For now, RapidAI can be used only for OpenAI’s chat-, completion-, embeddings- and image-models.

What about GDPR?
OpenAI currently is not GDPR compliant. It is your responsibility to comply with GDPR. We are currently moving forward with a solution based on Azure/Microsoft which would be GDPR compliant and would fall under our Databehandleraftale (data processing agreement) with Microsoft. This will be implemented in mid-November 2023.