MGMT publication bonus

The department management team wants to recognise and encourage researchers who publish in top journals by granting a publication bonus of DKK 50,000.

The publication bonus will be granted to researchers who publish in a journal found both at the department journal list and at the Financial Times Research Ranking list.

Authors can apply for the bonus when they have an acceptance letter from the journal. In 2017 and 2018, researchers can also get a bonus for previously accepted articles that get published online or in print during this period of time.

If the article has more than one author from MGMT, the bonus will be split.

The bonus can be used for research activities e.g. travel to conferences or workshops, student workers, data purchase etc.

Authors apply by sending the acceptance letter, title of the article and journal to Advisor Pernille Kallehave

Publication Bonus Grantees 2020

  • Jerry M. Guo: "Personnel Mobility and Organizational Performance: The Effects of Specialist vs. Generalist Experience and Organizational Work Structure", Organization Science  
  • Jacob L. Orquin:  "Uncertainty in learning, choice, and visual fixation", PNAS   
  • Michael S. Dahl: "Do startup employees earn more in the long-run?", Organization Science 

Publication Bonus Grantees 2019

Publication Bonus Grantees 2018

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