MGMT Awards 2017

At the annual New Year’s reception on Friday 13 January, Lars Esbjerg in his capacity as Chairman of the Departmental Council presented the annual MGMT awards to give special recognition to MGMT employees who have done something extraordinary at the department.

2017.01.16 | Merete Elmann

Teacher of the Year award

Kenneth Nygaard

Congratulations to Rainer Lueg and Kenneth Nygaard who received the 2017 MGMT awards!

Rainer Lueg won the MGMT teacher of the year award
The award went to Rainer Lueg who has introduced a method called 'Reciprocal Peer Tutoring' to make classic seminars possible for larger groups of students (>50). Based on his teaching experience, he has published a paper in "Studies in Higher Education" this year, which is one of the only top four journals in Management Education in the ABS-ranking.
Furthermore, Rainer has done research on the educational expansion we experience in Denmark, and how students from non-academic households become better included. Thus, he co-authored a paper that investigated which effects teaching in English vs. Danish has on our students, especially regarding their social stratification and status. While his author team sees English medium instruction as a boon for AU, the study makes several suggestions to university management and us as faculty members. These include, among others, that we need to translate our own Danish and European management ideas into English instead of uncritically accepting U.S. textbooks, or how we can ensure better inclusion of students from non-academic households that often feel excluded from the internationalisation trends in higher education. This study was published in "Academy of Management Learning & Education" which the ABS-raking sees as the #1 journal for Management Education.

The teaching award is given to an individual or group of teachers and/or administrative staff who break new ground in their teaching activities and who you think can serve as inspiration for others and who should be acknowledged for their initiatives to innovate teaching activities at the department. The recipients of this award are recognised for doing something that has not been done before in terms of, for instance, pedagogical approaches or student involvement which increase student learning or have other positive effects.

Kenneth Nygaard won the MGMT PhD student of the year award
The award went to Kenneth Nygaard who besides his research activities represents PhDs in the Department Council and is involved in organising a lot of extracurricular activities (PhD Get Together, Games at Department Seminar, etc.). Kenneth never misses out on the social activities of the PhD group and is a very helpful colleague. It is his first year as a PhD, but he already gives lectures and teaches on the Young Talents Denmark Programme for highly motivated young school kids.

The PhD award is given to a doctoral student who has distinguished himself/herself in one particular situation or in several activities during the year. This award will go to a PhD student who besides his/her research activities has contributed to extracurricular activities like business collaboration, organisational work, political involvement, being a particular successful representative for the department outside Aarhus University, or being a good colleague. 

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