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15 research projects granted MGMT Accelerator seed funding

The grantees will use the seed funding to prepare external research funding applications above 1 million DKK.

In order to strengthen the fundraising process at the department, the management team launched the MGMT Research Accelerator Programme last month. The aim of the programme is to provide initial seed funding of up to 50,000 DKK to support the preparation of external research funding applications above 1 millon DKK.

The first call has been out, and 15 researchers have now been granted seed funding by the Grant Committee: Michael Dahl, Klaus Grünert, Helle Kryger Aggerholm and Erik Larsen.

“The Accelerator seed funding will give me an opportunity to develop stronger applications for a larger grant in the coming year”, says Anders Villadsen, one of the “Accelerators”.
“The seed funding allows me to perform a deeper literature search and to run some pilot experiments. These activities will test and strengthen our research ideas and – hopefully – show some first promising results that we can include in our upcoming applications.”

Jesper Rosenberg Hansen adds: “These Accelerator funds are helpful with regard to applying for funds, because they in my case give opportunities for having a research assistant to make comprehensive search of the theoretical and empirical evidence within a specific field while a student assistant will run some initial analyses on potential data. Apart from that the seed funding also gives a stronger commitment to having the application ready within a shorter period of time.”

The next Accelerator call will be launched 1 October 2017.

The 15 first Accelerator seed funding projects
Hanne Kragh, Associate Professor
The effects of internal organisational coordination on supplier involvement in new product development

Anders Villasen, Professor
The causes of ethnic employment discrimination

Andrea Carugati, Professor
European Center for Digital Leadership – Innovative Training Network

Dorthe Døjbak Håkonsson, Professor
Collaborative structures: How do we scale peer-to-peer collaboration?

Winni Johansen, Professor
The Role and Function of Intermediaries in Crisis Situations

Helle Alsted Søndergård, Associate Professor
Need related knowledge in intermediated innovation platforms

Helle Neergaard, Professor
Fostering Impact through Entrepreneurial Learning for Development in Society

Jakob Lauring, Professor
How does stress and diversity interact in international workplaces? 

Jesper Rosenberg Hansen, Associate Professor
Explanations of Sector Differences in Absenteeism 

Jacob L. Orquin, Associate Professor
Unbiasing Conjoint Methods (UCOM)

Lars Frederiksen, Professor
Crowdfunding Science? 

Morten Rask, Associate Professor
Investigation of Factors Affecting International Service Trade

Panos Mitkidis, Associate Professor
User-Adaptive Mobile Health Application for Diabetics

René Rohrbeck, Professor
Growth opportunities in the Marine industry

Per Svejvig, Associate Professor
Half Double Phase 3 – Difussion, Adoption and Institutionalization

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