MGMT Awards

This year's MGMT awards go to Susanne Pedersen, Juliane Möllmann, Anne Nisker Toppenberg, Christian Truelsen Elbæk, Ekaterina Salnikova and Chris Ellegaard

Chris Ellegaard receives the award
Chris Ellegaard receives the senior research award

This year a total of six awards were given out at the summer party in June. The traditional three awards from the Departmental Council and three new research awards from the MGMT Research Committee.
And the awards went to:

Teacher of the year 2021-22: Susanne Pedersen
Susanne is continuously improving the bachelor course Marketing Management, through discussion with colleagues and through student feedback. She does an excellent job in teaching and coordinating the course and somehow has the energy to check up on everyone else as well. Often, PhD students and junior researchers are teaching in the course – which can seem a daunting task, but Susanne always makes the juniors feel safe, taken care of and helped.

PhD student of the year 2021-22: Juliane Möllmann 
Juliane is a great asset to the department. Apart from being a brilliant PhD student, she represents the PhD students in the BSS PhD committee and AU PhD association (AUPA). She is thus engaged in improving all aspects of PhD life including social life, well-being and career development. Furthermore, she takes on the important role of connecting PhD students as well as postdocs with relevant senior faculty.

Colleague of the year 2021-22: Anne Nisker Toppenberg
Anne has developed immensely, both via completing a Master in Public Management and taking over and creating new and relevant processes at the department. She is always on top of things, responding quickly to all new (and repetitive) requests from colleagues. She never blinks when facing complex challenges, such as ensuring that new departmental teaching systems and norms are as consistent and well-functioning as possible. And she always delivers with a joyful smile and a clever remark. Overall, she is a fantastic companion and colleague at our department, and we are grateful to have her here.

PhD research award 2021-22: Christian Truelsen Elbæk
The PhD research award was given to Christian recognising his continued published work in journals such as PLOS ONE, Nature Communications and Journal of Experimental Social Psychology. In particular was noted his interesting research on how acute hunger does not affect unethical economic behaviour.

MGMT junior research award 2021-22: Ekaterina Salnikova
The MGMT junior research award was presented to Ekaterina for her published work in Journal of Marketing Research on how a consumer’s global–local identity affects consumer engagement with a global brand’s environmental sustainability initiative.

MGMT senior research award 2021-22: Chris Ellegaard
Finally, the MGMT senior research award was given to Chris in recognition of his work. It was awarded for Chris’ continuous improvement in publication efforts and thus his contribution to the literature on business to business (buyer–supplier) relationships. Particularly noteworthy are a number of papers in Industrial Management Marketing and more recently, papers published in International Journal of Operations & Production Management and Journal of Management. For example, Chris has shown how suppliers balance specific choices of resource allocations (investments) and dependence relative to various buyer relations.

Congratulations to all our award recipients!