MGMT Awards

This year's MGMT awards go to Birgitte Steffensen, Tünde Cserpes, Marie Freia Wunderlich and Marta Jackowska

At our online Friday meeting 15 January, it was once again time to recognise some of our colleagues for their outstanding work and contribution to the department. This year, we had the following three award categories:

  • Colleague of the Year
  • Teacher of the Year
  • PhD Student of the Year

A committee consisting of members from the Department Council had evaluated all nominations received.

Helle Alsted Søndergaard presented the awards:

MGMT Colleague of the Year
Birgitte Steffensen received the Colleague of the Year award for being the most amazing colleague at MGMT. She has a way that makes everything seem simple and easy, also when it is anything but. She is always kind, helpful, and resourceful, and she never gets annoyed with strange questions to all aspects of teaching, exams, planning, etc.
Birgitte has the most fantastic sense of humour. Her funny comments and quirky observations have made everyone laugh over the years. Her humourous perspective on things has saved our day many, many times.

Two MGMT Teachers of the Year
The first winner of the Teacher of the Year award was Tünde Cserpes. For the first time, Tünde has taught the PhD quant course. A course feared by many PhD students, and perhaps hated by some qual people. However, Tünde has been a great teacher as she has been able to adjust her teaching methods and presentations to the students’ abilities within the field. She has created an environment where everyone is comfortable. Some teach with the aim of sharing their knowledge – Tünde has added an extra layer as she also wants to make sure that the students understand everything.

The other Teacher of the Year award went to Marie Freia Wunderlich. Marie is very diligent in any teaching task where she gets involved. As a lecturer and tutor, she always creates a very positive environment that stimulates learning, and presents as well as explains the most difficult topics with great illustrations, examples and exercises. Marie is very skilled in using various tools for interacting with students, such as online exercises and quizzes. Her online teaching has been highly recognised by students in the autumn of 2020. Marie has shown a great potential to become an exceptional educator who is not only effective in teaching, but also greatly admired and appreciated by students.

MGMT PhD Student of the Year
The award for the MGMT PhD Student of the Year went to Marta Jackowska for doing a lot for the social and academic community, especially among junior researchers at the department - both through initiatives such as the academic café, writing retreat etc., but also by bringing a sense of positive energy and togetherness in these difficult Covid19 times. Besides being the queen of organising all sorts of initiatives, she is always up for a chat and a good laugh. Marta brings life to the department - even from a distance.

Congratulations to Birgitte, Tünde, Marie and Marta!