Five new PhD students enrolled at the department

Juliane Moellmann, Maria Dahl Andersen, Lisa Stickel, Alina Diana Both and Julie Hesselberg are new PhD students at MGMT

Juliane Moellmann
Maria Dahl Andersen
Lisa Stickel
Alina Diana Both
Julie Hesselberg

The following PhD students begin their studies at the Department of Management in February and March:  

Juliane Moellmann with the project title 'Knowledge transfer mechanisms for corporate accelerator/incubator'.
Juliane will be working with supervisors Pernille Smith and Michael Zaggl and affiliated with the OSA section.

Maria Dahl Andersen with the project title 'Sustainable Human Resource Management and Diversity – Managing sustainable recruitment practices for a diverse workforce'.
Maria will be working with supervisors Christa Thomsen and Jakob Lauring and affiliated with the ITIM section.

Lisa Stickel with the project title 'Consumer insights on emotional and cognitive reactions to healthy snack products along the customer journey'. 
Lisa will be working with supervisors Klaus G. Grunert and Liisa Lähtenmäki and affiliated with the MAR section.

Alina Diana Both with the project title 'Digital Customer Journeys: The Impact of Novel Retail Marketing Measures on Consumer Behaviour'.
Alina will be working with supervisors Sascha Steinmann and Polymeros Chrysochou and affiliated with the MAR section.

Julie Hesselberg with the project title 'Meet the family'.
Julie will be working with supervisors Alice Grønhøj and Susanne Pedersen and affiliated with the MAR section.

A warm welcome to all our new PhD students!