Maartje Mulders
Sarah Maria Bruhs
Morena Rivato

2019.10.14 | People

Three new MGMT colleagues

Maartje Mulders, Sarah Maria Bruhs and Morena Rivato have taken up positions at MGMT

Alptekin Esen
Amando Radomes
Constanza Reyes
Inge Birkbak Larsen
Jonathan David Jensen
Kristian Rolschau Nielsen
Michael Ramsgaard
Stewart Palmer

2019.09.09 | People

Eight new PhD students enrolled at the department

Alptekin Esen, Amando Radomes, Constanza Reyes, Inge Birkbak Larsen, Jonathan David Jensen, Kristian Rolschau Nielsen, Michael Ramsgaard and Stewart Palmer are now PhD students at MGMT

Jessica presenting in the Main Hall

2019.08.23 | People

Jessica Aschemann-Witzel gave a talk at the BSS Summer Festival

The UN Sustainable Development Goals were the subject of the academic programme this year

Camilla Kølsen Petersen
Mirja Hubert
Michael Zaggl

2019.08.19 | People

Three new faculty members at MGMT

Camilla Kølsen Petersen, Mirja Hubert and Michael Zaggl take up positions at the Department of Management in August and September 2019

2019.06.25 | People

From PhD to a career in business

Today, more and more PhD students continue their career in business and industry. PhD students have a lot to offer both public and private companies, and it is a good idea to start planning your career during your PhD studies, according to former PhD student Brandi S. Morris and career counsellor Vibeke Broe.

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