Stina Rydell Brøgger 
Morena Rivato
Caroline Kjær Børsting
Maria Carolina Ferrales Lopez
Ting Huang

2020.09.09 | People

Five new PhD students enrolled at the department

Stina Rydell Brøgger, Morena Rivato, Caroline Kjær Børsting, Maria Carolina Ferrales Lopez and Ting Huang are now PhD students at MGMT

2020.08.25 | Education news

New director of studies at ITKO

Professor Jakob Arnoldi from MGMT is the new director of studies at the Master's degree programme in IT, communication and organisation

Nicole Siebold
Rahul Anand
Masoumeh Hosseinpour

2020.08.18 | People

Three new assistant professors at MGMT

Nicole Siebold, Rahul Anand and Masoumeh Hosseinpour take up positions as assistant professor from 1 September

Kristine Lysgaard
Tabita Schmidt

2020.08.18 | People

Two new colleagues in the department secretariat

Kristine Lysgaard and Tabita Schmidt take up positions in the MGMT secretariat

Jerry Guo
Tünde Cserpes
Sonja Perkovic
Mirja Hubert

2020.06.18 | People

Four new assistant professors at MGMT

Jerry Guo, Tünde Cserpes, Sonja Perkovic and Mirja Hubert become assistant professors from July and August 2020

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