Below is an overview of the secretaries in charge of various tasks.

You are always welcome to contact one of the secretaries

Assistance to the MGMT Management team

Secretary to Head of Section (INEIS/CorpCom),  Helle Neergaard

Ioana Postelnicu

Secretary to Head of Section (OSA), Jakob Arnoldi

Lisbeth Widahl

Secretary to Head of Section (MAR), Klaus Grunert

Charlotte Rosholm

Secretary to Head of Department, Jacob Kjær Eskildsen

Doris Andersen

Secretary to the Head of the PhD Programme in Management and to the Head of Research and Talent

Annette Hein Bengtson

Secretary to the chairman of the MGMT CorpCom PhD field committee, Birte Asmuß

Vibeke Vrang


Study assistance

HD (Graduate Diploma):

HD – Marketing Management

Ulla Salomonsen

HD – Organisation og Ledelse

Lisbeth Widahl


BSc in Economics and Business Administration

Joan Hørdum Jepsen, Vibeke Frisenvang, and Sidsel Angelo-Nielsen 

BA in Marketing and Management Communication

Lene Houtved Lybech


Joan Hørdum Jepsen and Sidsel Angelo-Nielsen


MA in Corporate Communication (theses)
Lene Houtved Lybech

MA in Corporate Communication

Jette Blaabjerg Boye

MSc in Management Accounting and Control

Jette Blaabjerg Boye

MSc in Information Management

Vibeke Frisenvang

MSc in Innovation Management

Birgitte Steffensen

MSc in International Business

Merete Elmann

MSc in IT, Communication and Organisation

Karin Hørup

MSc in Marketing

Birgitte Steffensen

MSc in Strategy, Organisation and Leadership

Birthe Hansen


Birgitte Steffensen and Jette Blaabjerg Boye  



Proofreading, Danish and English

Annette Hein Bengtson, Birgitte SteffensenJoan Hørdum Jepsen, Karin HørupMerete Elmann, Sidsel Angelo-Nielsen, Vibeke Frisenvang, and Vibeke Vrang


Various responsibilities at the department


Computer ordering

Birgitte Hellstern and Jonna Pedersen


Merete Elmann and Vibeke Vrang


Doris Andersen


Merete Elmann, Dorthe Lehmann, Vibeke Vrang, and Inger Larsen

MGMT Newsletter

Merete Elmann

Mobile telephone ordering

Jonna Pedersen

New employees/visitors

Birgitte Hellstern and Jonna Pedersen

New PhD students

Annette Hein Bengtson and Vibeke Vrang (CorpCom)

Office administration

Anne Nisker Toppenberg
Jonna Pedersen

PhD Budgets Ulla Salomonsen
Section Budgets Birgitte HellsternUlla Salomonsen, and Jonna Pedersen

PhD Programmes (MGMT and DOME)

Lisbeth WidahlAnnette Hein Bengtson, and Vibeke Vrang (CorpCom)

PhD support and PhD defences

Annette Hein Bengtson and Vibeke Vrang (CorpCom)

Administrator to the Talent ProgrammeBirgitte Hellstern

Purchases and invoicing

Birgitte HellsternUlla Salomonsen, and Jonna Pedersen

Personal homepage & PURE

Vibeke Vrang and the MGMT student workers

Recording of teaching activities (Excelsior)

Anne Nisker Toppenberg

Registration of illness and holidays

Lisbeth Widahl and Jonna Pedersen

Registration of research (PURE) Vibeke Vrang and the MGMT student workers

Travelling (AURUS)

Birgitte HellsternUlla Salomonsen, and Jonna Pedersen

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