Holidays (AUHRA)

In case of absence due to holidays please always notify your absence administrator:

Your absence administrator will then enter the dates in the AUHRA system.

Holiday registration - mini holiday year: 1 May 2020 - 31 August 2020
Please inform Jonna or Lisbeth - as soon as possible and no later than 16 August 2020 – as to when you would like to take your summer vacation 2020. If we haven’t heard from you by 16 August 2020, we will register 16 days of holiday - from 3–24 July 2020 - in the absence system, if you have accrued full holiday entitlement; if you have only accrued partial holiday entitlement, the actual number of days accrued will be registered.

New holiday rules from 1 September 2020
On 1 September 2020 all employees will switch to concurrent holiday. Information on the new Holiday Act can be found here:    

More information
For more information about holidays, please see the HR website.