Local Liaison Committee - LSU

The local liaison committee (LSU) is a collective body comprising management and employee representatives from the department. The Cooperation Agreement lays down the framework for cooperation between management and employees with a view to involving the employees in the formulation and fulfilment of the workplace’s goals and strategy. 

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Members from Department of Management

Management representatives
Jacob Kjær Eskildsen
Lone Larsen

Employee representatives
Bjarne Rerup Schlichter, Union representative
Karina Skovvang Christensen, Academic staff
Lina Jacobsen, Academic staff
Mai Skjøtt Linneberg, Academic staff
Markus Brunner, Academic staff
Jim Høeg Lozinski, Academic staff
Merete Elmann, Tech./admin. staff
Inger Larsen, Tech./admin. staff
Anne Jensby, PhD student

Secretary to LSU
Frederikke Knudstorp Carstensen, 
Aarhus BSS HR & PhD

MGMT employees are more than welcome to contact any member of the LLC, if they have issues they want to bring forward to the committee. All members of the LLC are under a duty of confidentiality.

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