Research seminar by Stine Grodal

Junkies, Queers and Babies: Achieving Rigor in Qualitative Analysis

2020.09.15 | Merete Elmann

Date Thu 03 Dec
Time 10:00 11:30
Location 2640-119B (R1) - Store Sal, Aarhus BSS, Aarhus University

On Thursday 3 december at 10:00 in Store Sal (R1), Stine Grodal discusses qualitative methods and uses the empirical case of: The rise of the ‘category’ AIDS in the US 1978-1984.

The title of the talk is: Junkies, Queers and Babies: Achieving Rigor in Qualitative Analysis

Stine is Associate Professor at Boston University Questrom School of Business and Associate Professor of Sociology (by courtesy).

Her research examines the emergence and evolution of markets and industries with a specific focus on the strategies firms and other industry stakeholders use to shape and exploit new market categories. Her research has received numerous awards including the EGOS Best Paper Award and the TIM Best Paper Award. Her work has been published in both management and sociology journals such as Administrative Science Quarterly and American Sociological Review.