ICOA/OSA seminar: Phanish Puranam

Level 0 vs Level 1 Self-organization in human groups

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Friday 29 October 2021,  at 10:00 - 12:00


via Zoom


ICOA/The OSA Section

On 29 October at 10:00, there will be an ICOA/OSA seminar by Phanish Puranam (Roland Berger Chair Professor of Strategy & Organization Design, INSEAD) entitled Level 0 vs Level 1 Self-organization in human groups


Self-organization refers to the emergence of global order without a global control mechanism.  While the concept has been fruitful in studying order in physical and biological systems, it has remained largely metaphorical when applied to human groups. I propose that a useful step forward entails the recognition of a distinction between order produced directly through self-organization (“Level 0”), and through  global control mechanisms that themselves emerge through self-organization (“Level 1”).  While Level 0 looks broadly similar across human and other systems that display self-organization, Level 1 may be unique to the former. I explain how the distinction is useful to sharply separate self-organization from self-management, self-governance, and self-design, using examples from the literature on social movements, communities that manage common pool resources, self-managed teams and non-hierarchical firms.