2020.05.28 | Education news

Oral examination via Zoom: the first experiences

Due to the coronavirus situation, many of this year’s exams are held online. In April, the first oral exams via Zoom took place at Aarhus BSS and it was a good experience, says Associate Professor Franziska Günzel-Jensen. Here, she offers her five best tips on how to conduct online oral exams.

Sarah Krøtel
Markus Brunner
Adam Gordon
Eliane Choquette

2020.04.15 | People

Four new associate professors at MGMT

Sarah Krøtel, Markus Brunner, Adam Gordon and Eliane Choquette have have been appointed associate professors at MGMT

Emma Boase

2020.02.28 | People

New PhD student enrolled at the department

Emma Boase is a PhD student at MGMT from 1 March

Christian Truelsen Elbæk
Raian Razal
Saeedeh Shafiee Kristensen
Sahar Sattari
Sebastian Florander Smidt
Shahab Kazemi

2020.02.03 | People

Six new PhD students enrolled at the department

Christian Truelsen Elbæk, Raian Razal, Saeedeh Shafiee Kristensen, Sahar Sattari, Sebastian Florander Smidt and Shahab Kazemi are now PhD students at MGMT

Charlotte Rosholm
Annamaria Kubovcikova
Sebastian Gram Nguyen Rasmussen

2020.01.20 | Awards

MGMT awards 2020

This year's MGMT awards go to Charlotte Rosholm, Annamaria Kubovcikova and Sebastian Gram Nguyen Rasmussen

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