The K.A.G.E. Consortium

The K.A.G.E. Consortium was founded early 2015 to facilitate interdepartmental Knowledge - And Gossip Exchange at Aarhus BSS, in particular between the departments informally known as MGMT and ECON. The Consortium meets monthly in short Consortium meetings, hosted in one of the departments that holds a Platinum Departmental Membership certificate.

The K.A.G.E. Consortium is an open but elite organisation; membership is granted upon successful completion of the CAT (Consortium admission test). However, new staff members at Platinum departments will be invited to participate in the next upcoming Consortium meeting. In this way, the Consortium wishes to signalise openness and friendliness to our new valued colleagues, while encouraging them to complete the CAT.

The K.A.G.E. consortium always welcomes applicants from among MGMT and ECON employees. Admission is based on successful completion of the CAT.

The formality of the CAT is as follows:

  • Upon application to enter the K.A.G.E. Consortium, the applicant (henceforth: A) must supply 5 (five) questions including answers in a multiple-choice format, that A believes all master students graduating from MGMT-ECON (for VIP-supplied questions) or staff (for TAP-supplied questions) should be able to answer
  • In addition A will likewise have to answer 5 semi-random questions drawn from the pool of previously received questions (VIP/TAP specific)
  • The Consortium will process up to 4 (four) new members per week. A waiting list will be operated if required
  • The CAT will be evaluated as pass/fail, and the assessment criteria will be 80% goal attainment.

Please send you application to (subject: “CAT”).

Current Members and Status

President: Anne Odile Peschel

Vice President: Lina Fogt Jacobsen

Head of Secretariat: Anne Nisker Toppenberg 

SPIN: Morten H.J. Fenger

Emeritus: Martin Petri Bagger

Honorary Member + Head of Knowledge Section + Head of Internal Affairs: Christian Waldstrøm

Head of Gossip Section: Morten Rask 

Advisory Board: Per Baltzer Overgaard  

Valued Members:

Ahmad Hassan

Alice Grønhøj

Andreia Ferreira de Moura

Annamaria Kubovcikova

Anne-Christine Rosfeldt Lorentzen

Astrid Würtz Rasmussen

Carsten Bergenholtz

Dan Mønster

Darius Frank

Eliane Choquette

Franziska Günzel-Jensen

Frederik Jeppesen

Gabriele Torma

Hans Jørn Juhl

Helle Alsted Søndergaard

Ioana Ruxandra Postelnicu

Jakob Arnoldi

Jakob Lauring

Jakob Mathias Liboriussen

Jessica Aschemann-Witzel

Jim Pedersen

John Thøgersen

Jørn Flohr

Kathrine Stampe

Kenneth Nygaard

Lars Esbjerg

Leonidas Enrique de la Rosa

Louise Randers

Madalina Stoicovici Pop

Mai Skjøtt Linneberg

Marta Jackowska

Martin Wurzer

Merete Elmann

Mette Trier Damgaard

Pedro Mesquita

Pernille Nørgaard Videbæk

Sebastian Gram Rasmussen

Stine Cecilie Mangaard Sarraf

Tobias Otterbring

Trine Fischer Enig

Trine Mørk

Tünde Cserpes

Yulia Muratova

Viktorija Kulikovskaja

Member MSO: Birger Boutrup Jensen

Pending Member: Thomas Pallesen     

Intern and PR Responsible: Oana Vuculescu

Investing Members: 

  • Jacob Kjær Eskildsen 
  • Niels Haldrup