Publish or Perish 2021 - Outline

Module 1: 20-21  January 2021 (room: TBA)

Guidelines - Module 1

Submission of abstract: 4 January 2021

Module 2: 11 May 2021 (room: TBA)

Guidelines - Module 2

Submission of paper: 12 April 2021

Submission of review report: 2 May 2021

Module 3: 26 August 2021 (room: TBA)

Guidelines - Module 3

Submission of final paper and response document: 9 August 2021


This course aims at

  • introducing researchers to the process of publishing research through peer-reviewed journals
  • improving participants’ writing skills for academic outlets
  • preparing researchers to receive and to respond to critique in a constructive way
  • engaging the participants in a real-life writing situation

Key issues to be addressed

  • What to consider before doing the research (from a publishing point of view)/ journal ‘method’ style
  • How to assess different journals as potential outlets for one’s research; issues such as prestige and likeli­hood of getting published
  • Good vs bad writing techniques
  • The publishing process
  • The (theoretical) contribution of the paper
  • Technical adequacy (method)
  • Visualization and communication
  • Other writing practices and publication
  • Approaches to refereeing papers/reactions to referees comments
  • The review process (examples of different criteria used by the reviewers).

During the course (part one), the participants are expected to address questions such as: “Which outlet is rele­vant for my research? “Which journals do I read/review on a regular basis”?, “Which journals do I see as my obvious target journals”? Answering these questions will be part of the preparation for Module 1 in January 2021.

For Module 2 in May 2021, participants have produced a first draft of their paper and, as part of their prepara­tion for Module 2, they will address questions such as: ‘What’s my contribution’, ‘do I answer the questions I set out to answer’ and ‘have I presented my method and data in appropriate detail’. During this module, par­ticipants will receive suggestions for improving their paper.

Participants will complete their revised papers in August 2021 to get the final feedback before handing them in for a relevant journal immediately after.

During each module, participants will receive intensive feedback on their work from their fellow students and from the faculty in small groups of 3-4.

It is part of the overall pedagogical approach to the course that participants play an active role (based on their own research) and that they give and receive constructive feedback.