Publish or Perish 2021 - Literature

(May be subject to change; updated: January 2019)

This is a practice-based course involving a high degree of active student involvement. Therefore, there is a limited amount of compulsory readings and a larger list of suggested readings to pick from:


Compulsory readings:

ABS. (2018). Academic Journal Guide 2018 Methodology. London: Chartered Association of Business Schools.

Ahlstrom, D. (2015). Successful Publishing in Academic and Scientific Journals: Framing and Organizing the Scholarly Paper. International Journal of Higher Education Management, 2(1), 106-120.

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Bem, D.J. (2003). Writing the Empirical Journal Article. Cornell University (google it) 

Macdonald, S. (2015).  Emperor’s new clothes: The reinvention of peer review as myth.  Journal of Management Inquiry, 24(3), 264-279.

Siddaway, A. P., Wood, A. M., & Hedges, L. V. (2019). How to Do a Systematic Review: A Best Practice Guide for Conducting and Reporting Narrative Reviews, Meta-Analyses, and Meta-Syntheses. Annual Review of Psychology, 70(1), 747-770.

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Wilkinson, A. (2015. The rules of the game: a short guide for PhD students and new academics on publishing in academic journals. Innovations in Education and Teaching International, 52(1), 99-107.


Further recommended readings: 

Anderson, A.R. (2005). Enacted Metaphor: The Theatricality of the Entrepreneurial Process. International Small Business Journal, vol. 23(6): 587-603. 

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