Stronger Applications - a fundraising initiative at MGMT

An internal review board and more personal support are some of the new initiatives to ensure Stronger Applications for external research funding. The concept is tested in connection with the DFF Sapere Aude call in March 2017.

2017.01.16 | Merete Elmann

Many researchers at MGMT use a lot of effort and time to apply for external research funding, regrettably too often without luck. This is both discouraging for the individual researcher and expensive for the department.  Therefore, in the coming months, the management group focuses more strategically on how we can develop and submit Stronger Applications.

A core initiative is a new Internal Review Board (IRB) consisting of senior researchers who will provide feedback on applications to e.g. FSE, private foundations etc. Department of Economics and Business Economics has had an IRB for some time and with great success.

The following professors have accepted to participate in a test of the IRB concept:
Klaus Grunert, John Thøgersen, Michael Dahl, Anders Villadsen, Toke Bjerregaard and Lars Frederiksen.

The first assignment of the IRB is to provide feedback to applications for the FSE Sapere Aude Starting Grant call with deadline 30 March 2017.

“We want to work more strategically with applications”, says Professor Lars Frederiksen. “We have therefore asked the section managers to identity researchers who meet the criteria for a Sapere Aude Starting Grant and encourage them to apply”.

“With full personal support from AU Research Support Office and later in the process feedback from the IRB, we hope to be able to develop and submit stronger applications and in the end generate more funding to our department”, adds Professor Lars Frederiksen.

The effect of the new fundraising initiatives is monitored and new initiatives will follow later this spring.

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