MGMT awards 2019

This year's MGMT awards go to Birte Asmuß, Kathrine Stampe Vinther, Annette Hein Bengtson and Jonna Pedersen

2019.01.11 | Merete Elmann

Jonna Pedersen and Annette Hein Bengtson

Birte Asmuß

Kathrine Stampe Vinther

At the New Year’s Reception on 10 January, it was once again time to recognise some of our colleagues for their outstanding work and contribution to the department. This year there were three awards to hand out:

  • Teacher of the year
  • PhD student of the year
  • Administrative employee of the year

A committee consisting of three members from the Department Council has evaluated all nominations received. The members were Lars Esbjerg, Helle Alsted Søndergaard and Karin Hørup. At the reception, Lars presented the awards along with a short explanation based on the nominations.

MGMT Teacher of the Year

Birte Asmuß was named MGMT Teacher of the Year for the massive effort she has done with the course Qualitative Methods in the Economics and Business Administration programme. Birte has worked hard (in collaboration with assistant teachers and students) to improve the course, which is feared by students and which it is difficult to motivate them to participate in. Not only has she put in an insane amount of teaching hours, but she gives a lecture with the same enthusiasm whether or not it is the first or the fourth time she delivers it.

MGMT PhD Student of the Year

The award for the MGMT PhD student of the year went to Kathrine Stampe Vinther. Kathrine passionately tells about her research on children with serious diagnoses and in pain. She makes a difference in these children’s life and in the life of their parents. She contributes to increasing the quality of the dialogue between the children and the hospital staff (doctors) and potentially improves their treatments. Thus, the committee saw Kathrine as a particularly good representative for the department outside Aarhus University as well as a good colleague in general. 

MGMT Administrative Employee of the Year

For the inaugural Administrative employee of the year award, employees at the department were invited to nominate a person who is a good colleague and who makes a difference for others and in general help making the wheels turn round. A large number of administrative employees were nominated, indicating that we have been too poor at recognising the contribution our secretaries make to the department. The committee therefore decided to hand out the award to two persons this year.

And the first winner was Annette Hein Bengtson. Annette is always both focused and helpful when delivering support of high quality for all PhD students at the department. As many surveys show how many PhD students are experiencing a high level of stress, Annette’s work, support and personality in general is simply indispensable. Besides delivering a high level of service and helping PhD students solving their problems, Annette is also a very caring person. She has a good sense of humour and can also be very comforting if necessary. In Annette’s office “everything will be all right”. Furthermore, Annette is a valuable asset for the PhD school and as a support for the Head of the school and in interactions with the Graduate School and BSS HR.

The other administrative employee of the year award went to Jonna Pedersen. Jonna is always kind and helpful. She is the backbone that enables others to do their jobs and you are not afraid to ask – also when you perhaps ask silly questions about the obvious (for some). She is thus always willing to give timely help, no matter whether it is about patiently guiding people through RejsUd, helping people make sense of budgets, or handling travel and expense applications. Jonna is friendly very service minded, and an invaluable administrative resource, especially for the (BCOM) PhD fellows.

Congratulations to Birte, Kathrine, Annette and Jonna!

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