MGMT Awards 2016

At the annual New Year’s reception on Friday, 15 January, Lars Esbjerg presented the annual MGMT awards in his capacity as Chairman of the Departmental Council to give special recognition to MGMT employees who have done something extraordinary at the department.

2016.01.18 | Merete Elmann

Congratulations to Morten Jakobsen and Lina Jacobsen who received the 2016 MGMT awards!

Morten Jakobsen won the MGMT teacher of the year award
Morten won the award for his efforts to develop the management accounting course in the bachelor programme and to keep the MAC programme in the air. The course in management accounting at the BSc was in dire straits before Morten took over and redeveloped the course, turning it into a success. Furthermore, his efforts as coordinator of the MSc in Accounting and Control have been instrumental for keeping the programme running despite staffing shortages.

The Teaching award is given to an individual or group of teachers and/or administrative staff who break new ground in their teaching activities and who you think can serve as inspiration for others and who you find should be acknowledged for their initiatives to innovate teaching activities at the department. The recipients of this award are recognized for doing something that has not been done before in terms of, for instance, pedagogical approaches or student involvement that increase student learning or have other positive effects.

Lina Jacobsen won the MGMT PhD student of the year award
The award went to Lina who in addition to making excellent progress in her studies and organising an exchange visit to a department that specialises in her topic, has been active and has taken responsibility in organising social events. She was responsible for the Christmas party, and is a founding member of the K.A.G.E Consortium. Through these activities and her positive energy in general, Lina contributes to good team spirits around the whole department.

The PhD student of the year is given to a PhD student who has distinguished himself/herself in one particular situation or in several activities during the year. This award will go to a PhD student who besides his/her research activities contributed to extracurricular activities like business collaboration, organizational work, political involvement, being a particular successful representative for the department outside Aarhus University, or being a good colleague.

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