The ramming down of concrete pillars along the light rail tracks will cause inconveniences in week 47 (the week starting Monday 16 November)

2015.11.06 | Julia Rolsted Stacey

In week 47, the Light Rail Transit Project is expecting to start the work of ramming down the pillars to hold the electrical wires for the light rail. The work will start next to the University Hospital i Skejby and in Nørrebrogade between the university and the hospital. The concrete pillars will be rammed down into the ground along the light rail tracks.

The concrete pillars will be rammed between 3 and 5.5 meters into the ground. The work will cause some level of noise and vibration - however, not to the same extent as the ramming down of steel sheet piles which took place in Nørrebrogade earlier in the year. Here, the sheet piles were rammed 18 meters or more into the ground.
The work will take place over a relatively short period of time. The concrete pillars are typically placed with 25 meters between them, and the light rail machines ram down one or two concrete pillars per hour. This means that the university is only expected to be affected by the work for two days.

Contact Mette Helm (tel 40 86 62 65, if the inconveniences caused by the construction work interrupt the universities’ activities beyond the level of what is acceptable when the construction work begins in week 47.

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