IPSERA special topic workshop on ”The mobilisation of supplier resources”

The B2B research group is hosting an international workshop at Aarhus University on 23-25 October

2017.10.04 | Merete Elmann

The B2B research group from the Marketing section will host an international workshop on the topic of supplier resource mobilisation on 23-25 October 2017. The workshop is organised under the umbrella of IPSERA, which is the ”International Purchasing and Supply Education and Research Association”, a research community hosting an annual conference with 200-300 participants plus a range of other activities.

Gaining access to and drawing use of key supplier resources to improve the company’s products and services has become a major strategic imperative for purchasing and supply managers. Therefore, we are having this workshop to further boost research on the topic and strengthen the international network of researchers working within this area.

25 participants from seven EU countries will attend to present and discuss central phenomena related to supplier resource mobilisation. The workshop takes place at the AU Conference Centre at Frederik Nielsens Vej, and it is organised in collaboration with Holger Schiele from University of Twente and Niels Pulles from University of Groningen.

For more information, please contact Chris Ellegaard, chrel@mgmt.au.dk, or Hanne Kragh, hak@mgmt.au.dk.

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