BADM awards 2015

At the annual New Year’s reception Friday 30 January, Karen Brunsø presented the annual BADM awards to give special recognition to BADM employees who have done something extraordinary at the department.

2015.02.02 | Merete Elmann

Congratulations to Jessica Aschemann-Witzel, Oana Vuculescu and George Tsalis who received the 2015 BADM awards 30 January.

Jessica Aschemann-Witzel won the BADM teacher of the year award.
The teaching award goes to a person who has broken new ground in their teaching activities and can serve as inspiration for others at the department.

Oana Vuculescu won the BADM PhD student of the year award.
The PhD award goes to a PhD student who besides his/her research activities has contributed to extracurricular activities like business collaboration, organisational work, political involvement, being a particular successful representative for the department outside Aarhus University, or being a good colleague.

George Tsalis was appointed colleague of the month.
The award goes to a person who has distinguished himself/herself by creating a good work environment and atmosphere at the department. The person who possesses the title is to name the next colleague of the month, but everyone is encouraged to give suggestions.

All BADM employees have been invited to nominate colleagues for the awards.

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