MGMT offers academic staff (assistant and associate professors and full professors) the opportunity to take sabbatical leave for up to six months to allow them to concentrate on their research. Being able to focus on research in a stimulating environment is a good way to boost one’s research productivity.  

Staff wanting to go on sabbatical leave must apply to their Head of Section, explaining where they want to go, when they want to go, and describing the kind of research that they want to engage in while on sabbatical.

Sabbaticals are offered on the condition that the researcher can meet the yearly teaching obligations either by saving up a surplus beforehand and/or making arrangements for reducing the deficit afterwards. Please note that a sabbatical will not reduce teaching obligations in the teaching budget.

It is furthermore the responsibility of the researcher going on sabbatical to ensure that all obligations regarding course responsibilities, teaching, supervision and exams at the department are covered by colleagues during the sabbatical; the deal(s) made must be approved by the Head of Master programmes Morten Rask and/or the Head of Bachelor programmes Christian Waldstrøm.

Tickets must be booked according to AU travel rules. Staff wanting to go on sabbatical is encouraged to seek external funding to cover costs. Application for funding can be discussed with the Heads of Section.

As of 1 January 2017 the MGMT department guarantees a deficit coverage of up to max. 50,000 DKK provided that you have applied for funding and that it has been approved by the Head of Department in advance.

Documentation in the form of applications and a budget for the stay abroad must be sent to the Head of Department if the deficit guarantee is going to be used. All expenses must, of course, be handled according to AU rules.

For tax-related questions, please contact Charlotte Zingenberg, Aarhus BSS HR and PhD, 65362

If you have other questions, please contact Doris Andersen,

18507 / i32