Proofreading and translation

A number of secretaries at MGMT offer proofreading and translation of texts:

  • Annette Hein Bengtson
  • Birgitte Steffensen
  • Jette Blaabjerg Boye
  • Joan Hørdum Jepsen
  • Karin Hørup
  • Merete Elmann
  • Sidsel Angelo-Nielsen
  • Vibeke Frisenvang
  • Vibeke Vrang

If you require proofreading or translation services, you should always book time with a secretary at the earliest time possible, preferably as soon as you know about the assignment. If it is not possible for the secretaries to help you, you can use an external proofreader.

Please note that external proofreading requires application and approval! 

Applications for external proofreading must be given to Birgitte Hellstern or Ulla Salomonsen prior to ordering. Please use the application form which you can find here: MGMT expense form

Suggestions for external proofreading:

For recommendations or colleagues' experiences with different proofreading services, please see the document in the MGMT folder at the network drive called AU Shares (O:). If you have something to add to the document, just send it to Merete Elmann.

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