Car and bicycle parking

The university park is a 4-hour parking zone.

The small yards in front of some of the buildings have unlimited parking. This is marked with signs - please pay attention in order to avoid expensive parking tickets.
See map of parking spaces in the park

Access to underground parking

You can buy a Bombizz for the underground parking (Bartholins Allé).

The Bombizz costs DKK 500.00 and is a private expense. Bombizz also works for the underground parking at Fuglesangs Allé.

Digital Parking

From 15 March to 1 October 2016, the following three car parks are covered by new parking rules and are from now on reserved for AU employees and visitors between 7:00 and 17:00.

  • Trøjborgvej 82-84 (the car park between Ndr. Ringgade and Nørrebrogade)
  • The Bartholin building (building 1240, the car park between the building and Nørrebrogade)
  • The molecular biology building (building 1130, the car park between the building and C.F. Møllers Allé)

If you wish to continue to use these three car parks, you must register your car at ParkZone. Find out how to register your car at  If you do not register your car and park in one of the three above-mentioned car parks, you risk getting a parking ticket. 

The new parking rules are part of a pilot project which aims to give AU employees better access to the limited number of parking spaces in the University Park. All parking spaces covered by the new rules will be marked with signs from ParkZone. 

If you have questions about the parking rules and regulations, please contact ParkZone at 7025 2696.

Read more about the project and the parking spaces covered by the new rules at

Bicycle parking

The entrance for our locked bicycle parking is the corner between buildings 1324 and 1325. You can borrow a key from Merete Elmann, room 1325-230.

Parking at Fuglesangs Allé

Parking permits (2015-2016) for the restricted one-hour parking spaces at Fuglesangs Allé can be found in the cabinet above the coffee machine in room 1326-219.

Alternative transportation

  • 'Klippekort'/multiride ticket to take the bus from Bartholins Allé to Fuglesangs Allé

  • Borrow a bicycle